Upgrade Your Ride with LANKELEISI X3000 MAX

In caused of satisfying the needs of those who want to explore the outdoors in a happier and more environmentally friendly way, or commuters who are tired of commuting to work and want to change their commuting methods, LANKELEISI has exclusively launched this new model, the X3000MAX. Making overall improvements and upgrades on the best-selling X3000PLUS-UP, LANKELEISI X3000MAX is a mountain electric bike with better endurance, stronger power, faster speed and a more fashionable appearance.

X3000MAX is a top-notch electric bike specifically designed for cyclists, perfect for exploring outdoor scenery and commuting. Imagine riding the powerful X3000MAX in outdoors, with its powerful electric front drive and rear drive motor taking you over rugged mountains, passing through one small peak after another, and enjoying numerous scenery. Or enjoy the cycling in winter cool air, riding X3000MAX, with the excellent fat tires that allow you to conquer snowy, muddy, or slippery terrain in winter. Whether you choose commuting or exploring outdoors, with no doubt, X3000MAX will enhance your experience. Let's delve deeper into why he is worth your choice.

Comparison of Main Upgraded Points between X3000PLUS-UP & X3000MAX





48 Volt 17.5ah

48 Volt 20ah SANSUNG Lithium Battery


48v 1000w front drive brushless motor

48v 1000w front drive brushless motor and 1000w rear drive brushless motor



UP TO 150 KM

Top Speed




6061 All-aluminum alloy frame

6061 aluminum alloy full suspension frame

Net Weight



LED screen

Monochrome screen

Larger colored screen


Black-yellow, Black-blue, Black-Grey

Black-orange, Black-gray




The table above mainly lists the upgrade points of X3000MAX based on the X3000PLUS UP, according to each different upgrade point, we will introduce it for you in detail.

Key Features of LANKELEISI X3000MAX Electric Bike


The motor of X3000PLUS UP is a front drive brushless motor, and X3000MAX is changed to a front and rear drive 1000w motor, that is, from single drive to dual drive, which makes this E-bike more powerful and faster, reaching a top speed of 49km/h, provide you a longer range. Also, the improved performance of dual drive motor making your ride easier when climbing mountains. Better control and increase the stability on negotiating rough terrain. There are not many E-bike on the market that use dual motors, and the upgraded X3000MAX gives you the experience of go ahead of the rest of the others.

Battery Capacity

Based on X3000up plus, X3000MAX battery has been upgraded to 48V 20ah SANSUNG Lithium Battery, with this capacity, pure electric can reach a range of 70KM, assisted riding can reach 150KM. equivalent providing a range of 150KM by charging only once. After upgrading, the larger capacity and stable output power, provide sufficient power output for outdoor riding, save your worry about running out of battery power during long-distance travel.

Upgraded Frame and Handlebars

Upgrading from the most famous frame of LANKELEISI E-bike series, 6061 aluminum alloy full suspension frame, this high-strength aluminum material ensures durability and stability of X3000MAX. At the same time, the front of X3000MAX has also been adjusted. In order to make riders more comfortable during long-distance trips, X3000MAX's front end has been replaced with larger handlebars. The large-sized handlebars can shorten the distance between saddle and the front of the E-bike while not affecting cycling balance. These subtle adjustments make the riding posture more comfortable compared to X3000PLUS-UP. No matter how far you travel, your riding experience is sure to be the most comfortable.

Color Options

The X3000MAX comes with 2 colors: Black-orange and Black-gray. These are the two best-selling colors among all models of LANKELEISI. Black-gray is fashionable and versatile, resistant to dirt. Black-orange are low-key but distinctive, fashionable and eye-catching on the road, making it easy to spot and increasing the visibility to other drivers and pedestrians. Consumers can make choices based on their personal preferences and personality.

LED Display Screen

Upgraded from the original smart monochrome LED display to colored smart LCD display. The smart LCD meter provides you with a new interface. Not only that, the screen size has also been enlarged, allowing data such as integrated gear switches, bicycle data view, and power output settings to be more visible, even at a glance. The ip54 waterproof and dustproof quality of this LED smart display is reliable, even if riding in bad weather, this LCD display will not be affected, providing you with comprehensive and clear riding data.

LED High Brightness Headlight & Rear Rack

Safety is the top priority when riding. Headlight of X3000MAX is changed from a headlight consisting of four small lights to a bigger circular headlight. The upgraded headlight has a wider and farther working range, making you safer when riding. Compared to X3000PLUS UP, this new E-bike equipped with solid aluminum rear rack, which can perfectly carry your lovely pet for a ride or take your cute child to school.


LANKELEISI is constantly upgrading and improving, adjusting the details of the E-bike based on customers' past choices. Just like X3000MAX, it has been upgraded from the most popular X3000PLUS UP to achieve the best and provide the best service to customers. X3000MAX offers the best range, power, speed and appearance to enhance the rider's riding experience, which is why this E-bike is the perfect choice for outdoor riders and commuters.

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