LANKELEISI MG740 PLUS Front and Rear Dual Motor Off-road Electric Bicycle

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Powerful to Conquer All Terrain

The Lankeleisi MG740PLUS is equipped with 1000W brushless motors on the front and rear and is paired with 26*4.0 fat tires to easily conquer any terrain, whether it's a muddy or snowy section.The MG740plus is equipped with a 48V 20AH removable Samsung battery and has a riding range of 150km with pedal assistance and 70km in purely electric conditions.


Dual Motor

48V 20Ah

Samsung Battery


Max speed tested

70-150 KM

Per Charge


Payload Capacity


Applicable height

2000W Dual Brushless Motor

The MG740Plus is equipped with 48V1000W high-speed brushless motors at the front and rear, with a maximum torque of 95nm, providing unrivalled power and traction. The dual motor drive facilitates efficient power transfer, making it ideal for conquering steep grades and traversing a wide range of terrain with ease. It provides the rider with a more stable and responsive riding experience.


Max Torque


Climbing Angle

48V 20Ah SAMSUNG Li-ion Battery

The Lankeleisi MG740Plus is equipped with a 48V 20Ah Samsung battery using 18650 cells, whose advanced cell technology ensures greater durability and longevity, and a 960Wh battery that delivers a longer range of up to 70km in pure electric mode and 150km with pedal assist.Additionally, the removable battery feature enhances convenience by allowing easy charging and flexibility for riders to swap batteries for extended adventures.

70~150 KM(43~93 Mi)

Per Charge


Total Battery Capacity

48V 3A


5-6 hours

Fully Charged

Front Fork Suspension

The MG740PLUS adjustable aluminium fork suspension with 10cm of shock travel allows you to adjust to the terrain for enhanced riding comfort.


Fork Travel

Adjustable Forks


LCD Color Display

Colour Backlight Display to keep track of speed, mileage, power and more.

Battery level display

Battery Capacity

Total Ride Mileage


Pedal-Assist Level

Pedal assistance power


Display current speed, maximum speed and average speed

Waterproof Level


Front and rear drive switching

Switch motor power output, single or dual motor

Other Highlights

Experience seamless and precise gear transitions with SHIMANO 7 Speed gear shift system, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency for every riding scenario.
Enjoy superior stopping power and precise control with hydraulic brakes, providing reliable performance and safety in various riding conditions.
The chaoyang 26*4.0 inch fat tire enhances grip and traction on rough roads. It ensures a safe and smooth ride in challenging terrain and weather conditions.
The adjustable stem enables the rider to customise the handlebar height for a more comfortable riding experience.
The headlight provide a better view in low light conditions. It clips to the handlebars, senses light intelligently, lights up automatically in the dark and shuts down automatically during the day.
26*4.0 FAT TIRE
The chaoyang 20*4.0 inch fat tyre enhances grip and traction on rough roads. It ensures a safe and smooth ride in challenging terrain and weather conditions.
Upgrade your e-bike experience with our ergonomic saddle for unparalleled comfort on every ride.

MG740plus Ride Test

Powerful dual-motor riding beast
Jeff riide
It's a crazy, easy climb to the top.
Avis Express

MG740PLUS Parameters

Customer Reviews

Based on 106 reviews
Serafino Dami
Una belva

La bici è robusta e solida, sono peso 100 kg robusto e allenato, con la modalità assistita ad un motore liv 2/3 ho fatto 100 Km strada asfaltata colline Toscane, in modalita dual/sport diventa una moto SPETTACOLARE, complimenti

Grazie per aver condiviso. Ti invitiamo a unirti al nostro gruppo Facebook e goderti il ​​viaggio con altri clienti.

Ian white
Just amazing….

I have had my MG740 for two months now (bought from a different online shop) and it has been amazing fun. It is used hard on loose gravel fire trails and a local bike/motox circuit. The build quality is such that nothing has given me a problem. The only addition I have made is to add a couple of straps around the battery and frame to help support it as a the couple of bolts holding the battery battery worked loose and started to rattle. Loctite on the bolts would have done the job too, but I wanted a less permanent solution.

On the gravel trails I ride it in single rear motor mode for a work out, and there is no hill I couldn’t pedal up. Incredible. But it really comes alive in dual motor mode, which I use on the bike track, and it behaves like a small cc dirtbike. Unbelievable! Very rarely pedal, it will fly up slopes and handles really well for a heavy bicycle. I would not be trying big jumps and big air on it as I’m not convinced that is quite it’s purpose, but that’s not my bag anyway.

Brakes are more than adequate, front suspension works well and the adjustments actually make a difference if you fiddle. The fat tyres soak up the bumps, I only run 6psi front and 8psi rear and it is perfect on the rough stuff, and short stretches of tarmac.

All in all, it has way surpassed my expectations. My advice to anyone, and advice I will heed going forwards, is never buy a bike that is not dual motor, as you may not think you want it or need it, but when you do, you will be sooooo grateful. It becomes addictive!

Thank you Lankeleisi, an amazing product at a great price. Can’t recommend the mg740 highly enough.

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Tomas Bene
Bicycle enhanced with fun-factor

This mountain bike is not a usual electro-bike. This can work in pure electric mode. You only give power with speed handle and you go like on a scooter. It gives a great fun-factor to this bike - it accelerates rapidly in dual motor mode. The headlight is powerful and has proper light-beam.
I suggest to reduce the power assist starting strength (settings *06P) to value 1. This helped me to not fall from bike when starting riding.
Don't wory if your battey gots empty because the bicycle has very light resistance. You will be able to ride long way yourself without electric assistance.
The bike is balanced: I'm able to ride easily without holding the handlebar on a straight street.
I'm extremely satisfied with this bike and motors. I think it fulfills my expectations than bike equipped with Bafang motor which doesn't work in pure electric mode.

Thank you for sharing. We invite you to join our Facebook group and enjoy the ride with other customers.


Very fun and powerful bike. Can recomend.


Todo muy bueno
Como mejora se echa en falta información de manejo de pantalla LCD